"Buddy Hunts"

If you're new to the hobby, or even a veteran treasure hunter, it's always a good idea to have a hunting partner.  Someone to share the excitement of your finds with, and to even watch your back in case of danger.  For novice detectorist, it can be a great learning experience and for the veterans it's a great way to share their knowledge of the hobby. 

Finding a hunting partner can be difficult, but as a club want to help with that.  We now have an app that can connect all hunters with the touch of a button.  If you would like to join the "buddy hunt" group, please see the directions below.

From your smart phone, go to your app store and search "groupme".  You can download the free app directly to your smart phone from there.  Or you can copy the following link: https://groupme.com/en-US/ into your web browser.  Just follow the simple instructions. 

Once you download the app, please email christlockhart@yahoo.com with your name and phone number.  We will not call or solicit you.  Once you complete the email, you will be added to the "buddy hunt" group.  There you will be connected to all members directly.  You can ask questions, send private messages, set up group hunts and more!

If you have any questions, or need assistance with the app, please email christlockhart@yahoo.com