January 2019 Meeting Update

We had a great turnout for the first meeting of the month.  Highlights to the meeting were some new suggestions that underwent a vote by members, announcements for the 32nd Annual Spring Seeded Club Hunt, and final voting for club officers.  

Riley Bryant (President), Pat Cook (Vice President), and Chris Lockhart (Treasure) were all reelected to their positions with a unanimous vote.

Michael Gehringer was nominated by acting Secretary Chuck Bryant, and elected unanimously as Secretary, taking over the position for 2019.

A new location has been selected for the 2019 Seeded Club Hunt, updated information can be found under the 2019 Seeded Hunt link above.

The website will now be updated monthly after meetings, so members who miss the meetings can find updates more easily.

A vote took place to add 3 additional awards for the end of year meeting. In a vote 26-1 it was decided that we would add the following three categories to the year end awards.  In addition to “Hunter of the Year”, there will now be “Coin Find of the Year”, “Relic Find of the Year”, and Jewelry Find of the Year”.  

The winners in each category each month leading to the end of the year will have photos taken, and in November a final vote will take place to decide the winners.

In addition to the Seeded Club Hunt, this year the club will be offering a “Children’s Hunt” for those 13 years of age and below. Volunteers will help seed items for the kids and further information can be found under the 2019 Seeded Hunt tab above.

For our February meeting, members are encouraged to bring items for donation for the 2019 Seeded Club Hunt. Each ember donating will receive a raffle ticket for the items (1 ticket for items valued at $1-$5, 2 tickets for items valued at $5-$15, and 3 tickets for items valued over $15.  The winner of the raffle will receive a free entry to this year’s hunt! If you don't have an item to donate, don't worry. You can purchase a raffle ticket for $3 for a chance to win.